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Custom Printed Corrugated Shipping Packaging Boxes

Custom Printed Corrugated Shipping Packaging Boxes Corrugated boxes like cardboard boxes are made out of the wood pulp. They have some additional benefits when compared with corrugated boxes Sometimes, people tend to think that both of these are the same. However, despite many of their features and benefits overlapping, the two are different.

For one, cardboard boxes are less firm than corrugated boxes. And two, the raw material used to make both of these is the same, but the processes that follow are different.

How are Corrugated Shipping Boxes Made?

The layers that make up the corrugated shipping boxes has many air holes present in it. This is because these add sturdiness to the box and also serve as a layer for cushioning the products. It is made by sandwiching together three layers of corrugated paperboard. The middle layer is called the flute, and glue is used to bind all these layers together. The flute is a zigzag layer that gives weight to the packaging material.

To make the paperboard, both new and used sources can be used. Items like paper, old cardboard and used corrugated boxes can be used to produce a new one.

What Makes The Customize corrugated boxes an Ideal Choice?

  • It Can Be Used For Corrugated Packaging Suppliers:

Corrugated boxes are sturdy in nature. This is due to the fact that they have been manufactured this way. They can also carry a lot of weight and can be placed on top of one another during long-distance traveling. Corrugated Packaging Suppliers are the type that is most used in retail shipping due to some of the qualities that have been mentioned below. Due to its good cushioning quality, a corrugated box can also keep delicate items safe during transit. Not only can businesses use these for transporting their products, but consumers can use them for transportation or storage purposes too.

  • It Is Affordable:

It is quite cheap to produce, customize and print corrugated boxes for packaging. This is because the material used to make them can be found in many places as it is recyclable and old paper-based products can be used to make the corrugated packaging.

  • It Can Be Produced In Many Sizes:

The best thing about these boxes is that you can produce them in different sizes. Whether you have small items or big ones, a custom made size can be perfect for your products. This way a custom corrugated boxes can be used to display your items at a retail store as well. Packaging Mines offers a specific form that you can fill out to get your custom size produced.

  • It Is Eco-Friendly:

Nowadays businesses and individuals alike are coming towards eco-friendlier options. custom printed corrugated boxes are an eco-friendly option for those trying to make a change in their lifestyles. Not only do we produce boxes that decompose soon but we also use recycled materials in our packaging. This way we aim to create even lesser waste on Earth. Although there are other options available in the market, there are only a few that create minimum waste and corrugated paperboard boxes is one of those.

  • It Is Lightweight:

One of the main qualities that make good packaging material is that it does not add to the original weight of the product. As paperboard is originally made from wood pulp and has air pockets in it, it does not have much weight. These boxes can be easily carried around and do not make it harder to transport your items.

  • The Material Is Strong:

A corrugated box is durable. It is strong enough to carry the weight of items more than its own. They can also be stacked upon one another and do not get deformed and yet still manage to keep the internal materials safe. The foremost job of any packaging material is to protect the inner contents and the corrugated box does it well.

  • They Are Easily And Readily Available:

Printed corrugated boxes are available all around the world easily. They are manufactured by a number of companies. This is an added bonus as you do not need to find an alternative that is cheap, eco-friendly and durable so long as the corrugated boxes are available.


Packaging Mines provides 24/5 online assistance no matter what corner of the Earth you are at. We have designers on board that can guide you about what type of packaging or what size and color scheme would be best for your product and your company.

We also deliver worldwide which is something that most packaging companies do not do. Apart from this, our wholesale deal is one of a kind as we charge you lesser per item if you order more products from us. Our print and material quality both are of top-notch.


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